This cyber-cat-burglar whiz-kid is great with computers, not so great with people (especially when they call her Roxanne).


Name/Primary Alias: Roxanne “Roxy” Montgomery
Metatype: Human
Ethnicity: Mix (half black, half white)
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 125lbs

Hair: currently multicolour
Cereal Killer – a hacker, human (loyalty: 4, connection: 3)
Daniel Fong – City of Vancouver records clerk, human (loyalty: 3, connection: 2)
Marley Brimmerton – reclusive former rockstar, human (loyalty: 2, connection: 3)

Body: 4
Total Edge: 2
Agility: 5
Current Edge: 1
Reaction: 4
Essence: 4.4
Strength: 5
Initiative: 9
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 7
Willpower: 3

Initiative check: 9
Attack role (with pistol): 9

Climbing: 4
Perception: 4
Gym: 4
Infiltration: 3
Running: 4
Locksmith: 9
Swimming: 4
Pistols: 4
Computer: 4
Cybercombat: 4
Data Search: 4
Electronic Warfare: 4
Hardware: 4
Hacking: 4
Software: 6
Pilot Ground: 4
Dodge: 2

Digital Doppelgänger
Born Rich
Analytical Mind
Aptitude – computers

Thrill Seeker

Yamaha Sakura Fubuki
(SemiAuto/Burst Fire (narrow burst only); 4x 10 rounds, muzzle loaded)
Integral Folding Stock, Internal Smartgun System (+2 to ranged attack test),
Damage: 4P ArmourPiercing: 0 RecoilCompensation: (1 with stock)

Ares Predator IV
Heavy pistol
Damage: 5P

Yamaha Pulsar
(Single Shot, 4 shot internal magazine)
Damage: 6S(electric) AP: -half RC: 0

200 Light Pistol rounds
12 Taser Darts (3 clips)

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit w/ helmet (6/8)
-built-in music player + biomonitor
Flashlight + Rappelling Gloves + Grapple Gun (200m Microwire)
Autopicker lvl. 6 + Cellular Glove Molder lvl. 3 + Maglock Passkey lvl. 6 + Sequencer lvl. 6
Wire Clippers + Monofiliment Chainsaw

Fairlight Caliban Internal Comlink (Response 4 Signal 5)
-running Novatech Navi OS (Firewall 3 System 4)
Control Rig (+2 to pilot checks with rigged vehicle)
Hot-Sim Module
Voice Modulator w/ Secondary Pattern lvl. 6
Cybereyes Rating 3
-Eye Recording Unit + Image Link + Flare Compensation + Smartlink + Lowlight Vision
+ Thermographic vision
-4 Capacity remaining
Skin Pocket bioware
-holds up to 1.0 kg

Suzuki Mirage (pg. 351)
-Rigger Adaptation

Pro User Common Program Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4)
Scan 4 + Encrypt 4 + ECCM 4 + Decrypt 4
Defuse 4 + Exploit 4 + Stealth 4 + Spoof 4 + Track 4 + Sniffer 4

High (6 months paid-up)
Fake SIN (Rating 1)
Fake SIN (Rating 3)
Fake SIN (Rating 6) used


Roxanne Montgomery, better known as Roxy…


  • cyber cat burglar whiz kid
  • smart, but not street smart, acts like she’s more experienced at Shadowrunning than she is
  • hot temper and boredom with the real world often gets her in trouble
  • says what’s on her mind even when it’s not appropriate
  • - doesn’t always have the firepower to back it up

Friends with Lynx since she arrived in Vancouver a few years before
- not many other real world friends

Frequents divey hacker bars and retro punk rock clubs
- has a very good knowledge of old rock music
– Jet Black is one of her favourite artists
- idolizes Tank Girl and other Riot Grrl icons from the previous century
- Prefers non-obvious cybernetics

Joined up with The Team mostly due to boredom, but claims to need the money
- family part of Google corp.
- the rest know she’s not that hard up but aren’t aware of her rich kid upbringing
- except now they do because they’ve seen her apartment

- set up a secret trust fund which withdraws minute amounts of money from various accounts, nearly undetectable

Penthouse in Yaletown
- underground parking, retinal scan at garage door, keycard for elevator
- a few guest rooms
- Roomba named R2
- 3 staff: security, butler, and cook
– James
– Henri
– Jeffrey
- walk-in fridge

- had a french bulldog named Tank, but had to leave him behind when she left California and broke ties with her family


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