Beauregard Traveau

Always wearing his duster, this cajun dwarf is a master archer and quick with his forearm blades


Favourite weapon: Maxed out bow
Second favourite: Foot long forearm snap claws
Other weapons:

  • Sap
  • Survival Knife
  • Knife
  • Throwing Knives (30)
  • Light Crossbow
  • Medium Crossbow
    100 arrows
    50 injection arrows
    100 bolts
    50 injection bolts

Vehicle: Northrup Wasp
Primary Living Arrangement:
Converted single story storage locker in the industrial area just on the edge of Vancouver proper, parks his Wasp on the top under some canvas. Sometimes throws the owner a couple bucks to look the other way. His locker isn’t large but has a rigged something of a flush toilet (not that he cares where it’s actually emptying or if it’s up to code) and sleeps on his gym mats piled up in the corner. The walls have holders for his blades and equipment underneath a false wall with dart boards and targets on it. The back wall has a workbench used for sharpening and forging documents. Behind the storage area is an old train yard where Beau has set up some distance targets for his bow and sometimes uses for athletics and gymnastics training when his latest gym decides he’s more trouble than he’s worth.
Secondary Living Arrangement:
There’s a room above the Drowning Crawfish that Rigger keeps aside for Beauregard for reasons that are known between them. Usually used as a safe haven if he needs to lay low, stay in the city or just sleep off a bottle of bourbon. It’s easy enough to access but not apparent, up the stairs beside the washrooms and into the first vent on the right, takes a key that’s in Beau’s possession but he assumes Rigger probably kept a copy. It’s a tight space, noisy from the traffic above and may not have a bathroom but at least it has a hot plate and a soft mat to sleep on. Also stores some spare knives, a light crossbow and other emergency equipment plus it has a secondary entrance from the alley behind the bar.


Born June 13, 2042 to Louis & Jacqueline Traveau in Baton Rogue CAS. The Traveaus are an influential family that has been in Baton Rouge for many generations but maintained their human blood until the birth of Beauregard.

Beauregard Traveau

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