Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 2
The road to hell is paved with missed arrows

Maudit! I must be as mad as I’ve become loose with my training. Is it just my mind? Practice? Too many days of wine and no work, the edge has become dull and chipped. If I’m to keep a chance of not becoming the defan Beauregard Traveau then training has to rise to at least 2 hours daily. Will it be enough to keep my foot out of the grave? It’ll have to be, merde, 5 missed arrows on 8 shots. Grandpère would have my ear if his heart still beat.

We walked into the Cabo club slightly spaced but should have remembered that this place is usually empty on its best night. That move probably made us look even more suspicious meaning the best move might have been for me to go in on my own. Still, the orks only got riled on the mention of Loomis so maybe they’d have attacked either way. Vaulted off my stool at the first sign of a fight and flipped right onto one of their chests but not quite quick enough as his blade met mine. Caught me in the chest with his blade but didn’t get through the armor. Bubblegum caught a strike to her head and it seemed to have her fazed for most of the fight. Lynx even took heavy fire to the chest but she’s not going down that easy, could see she was excited to use her big gun. Library Jane became our shining star of the day. What I could tell while I was dealing with my hand she took out two orks and didn’t take much of a scratch for it. Glad I still managed to catch my ork in the throat after a failed attempt to kill him with my hands. Tied up the unconscious ork left by one of the ladies, missed who was responsible for him but Library decided to keep watch while I caught my breath and the other ladies checked out the back room.

Not much in the bar but Lynx and Bubblegum raised the alarm to some figures moving in the junkyard behind the Cado Club. They met Max outside, almost had a tussle before I could intervene. Thought he wasn’t even going to show up, said he’d been waiting outside for us. Cowan, not sure if he was giving me the truth but sometimes these sorcerer types make themselves useful in unexpected ways and I felt glad at the moment to have a more familiar face. All these untrained madams were making me bit nervous, especial after how that fight went.

Moved in on the junkyard quickly, spreading into two teams. The girls didn’t trust Max, the way he is so I don’t blame them, which was fine with me to have him back me up. How things turned out though, maybe we should have stuck together but maybe I should just land more arrows. Was a time I could hit a wowaron from 200 yards in the time it’d take a man to blink and now, 5 arrows singing through the air without a target in the world. Merde. Two of these plain clothed enforcers got the jump on us, also a mistake but not as grievous as the arrow I let fly after being told to leave. Had something to prove I guess, show the pretty ladies how well Beauregards arrows are in a fight compared to their fancy pistols. Broke loose a slice of hell is all it did, nearly sent Max into the brimstone and sulphur if it wasn’t for a last minute rescue from an angel. Max got off some impressive fireworks although only really managed to give his man a little bleue, was enough to get his armor off at least. After making it to the end of the lane I managed to get off a true Beauregard shot and caught the bastard who shot me in the throat but couldn’t get the other man before he filled Max with bullets, made a fine mess of his coat. Finally managed to get a successful hit deep in his left shoulder, probably got a little lung in the wound, but then Library swooped in, brandished her taser and to him down then sent the reaper back home for the day sans Max’s soul.

Heard the Bubblegum and Lynx had their hands full with some troublesome monsieurs including a magic using ork. Wanted to give them a hand but by the time the mess on my side had cleared they had given the mage a deal to walk and we all forgot each other. Doubt that last part is true on either side, still wanted to take his hide for all the grief these men gave us but he was gone before I could get around the corner. Turns out we’d been enough of a distraction that they hadn’t found Loomis. He slipped his unsightly derrière out from under the pile of junk near the crane. As soon as I saw that junk heap among the arranged rows I had a feeling it was worth checking out, glad my instincts aren’t totally lost. Turns out he’s a real bon rien, claims the disk was passed on by his père and it is all poor little Loomis has of him. Boy was scared pretty bad from the fight, only took a little leaning to get him to toss over the disk amiably. He still tried to get some payment but we didn’t almost die to pay off some nobody who hides in garbage. His sob story felt like lies to me even if the disk is old enough, if it means so much to him why sell it now? Claimed he didn’t even know what was on it and hadn’t made any copies. Doesn’t sound like a family heirloom to me, sounds like he stole it to me even if it was from his defan père. Truth or no, someone thinks it’s valuable enough to kill the pack of us just for it without asking questions. Never would have guessed this run would be such a mal de tête, thought it’d be a straightforward retrieval job.

Once we collected ourselves I got reminded why I asked Bubblegum to run with me, this computers business isn’t my best skill and she got the name of who sent our goon squad from a single sniff of an RFID tag. Turns out they’re working for ShangriLa productions, sounds like more music goons. Could turn out to be our Mr. Johnson, maybe he didn’t like our progress or maybe it could be a new crayfish in the gumbo but I’d like to know. Don’t need another bounty on my head, I’ve had my fill of those for this lifetime. Time for some rest, we all need to heal although my wounds are already closed and should be gone by the time I finish my bourbon. Left the disk with Bubblegum, maybe she can get more out of it or at least figure out how we can get at this data. Mr. Johnson told us no copies so we’re just going to take a peek to verify it. Besides, I’m feeling like we’re being sold up the creek I don’t take kindly to it.

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 1

Mal pris, how did I choose this path? Running with some petite girls playing to be big time and here I am like a vieux among them. When Rigger and I got to Vancouver I thought we could kick back for a while but all it did was make me lazy, rusty, like some old car on blocks. At least he did something with his cut instead of pissing it away, suppose I still have the wasp but can’t let it come to selling that off. Should have known the honey pot wouldn’t last but at least the rent’s paid up for a few months, takes off the pressure a bit even if pressure is what I need. Guess that’s why I took on this lot, better than hiding in the swamps or being on the run again. The lead on that Goblin rocker could have gone better and I don’t even want to start on Zipper. Heard the bubblegum princess was in there waving her gun around as if they didn’t stick out enough. That’s why I decided to start writing down the runs, maybe I can learn from them.

My performance has been sloppier than saloppe off East Hastings. Got myself too excited to use the tickets I forged for the concert job, barged right in the front. What a mistake, couldn’t have been more out of place if I tried. If we hadn’t gotten Bubblegum to the roof we’d have been really been sunk but seeing her climb, honestly expected a little more. Should get her some gecko gloves and take her in to the gym for some training. Good thing that Jagger is such a tahyo for novacoke, one mention with a dash of charm is all it took to get me into the back. It was lucky that he didn’t see the laughable attempt to slip under the bouncer’s legs, they barely noticed me bounce off them. Bubblegum still did her job, thought we’d get a little more but c’est la vie. My exit was less than smooth, bad excuses to the orks got them riled up and then I failed my dismount on the flip out of the room. Owe myself a few hours on the mat for that one, if it wasn’t for the healing voodoo I’d have been in a pinch. Still, we all made it out with our all our limbs so there’s that. Not sure if the gals have clued into to my powers yet, won’t be able to keep quiet on it for too much longer. Most people already don’t expect dwarves to be as agile let alone jump 10 times their height.

Going after Zipper was a new mess all together, have to keep my eye on Bubblegum. She’s reckless, someone that jacked in waving a gun around and threatening a regular in a hacker bar just cause she’s bored, what was she thinking? She was lucky to leave a place like that with her mind still working let alone her gear and augmentation. This is why I don’t go in for that, my body is mine and I won’t let it be dirtied by this modern tech. Might need to babysit the princess and Library Jane a little more instead of running off for pie with Lynx even if it did afford exit cover. Pleasant girl that Lynx, even got right into the bourbon, but don’t think she wants to play madame any time soon, not with old Beauregard. Still don’t know her that well and she came as a package with Bubblegum so I should probably watch her too.

They still got the job done though, found us a name: Loomis. Don’t think there was any more even I could have gotten out of her. Went for a drink down at the Drowning Crawfish to see if Rigger knows anything while the ladies poked their informants. Rigger was only good for what he knows best these days, keeping anyone who can pay lubricated enough to forget whatever they’re hiding from. At least we know where to hit next, the Cabo Club. Not a terrible place for the likes of me but hopefully the rest of them won’t cause too much suspicion, or trouble. Enough ramblings from this old Cajun, time enough left to sharpen the knives and let my bow sing a few notes.

Beinvenue au Canada
and so it begins...

Meet Mr. Johnson.

Look for a disc. An old disc.

Orksploitation Rock. Nabo. Jager. Elvis?

Enter through the roof. A pink-haired Batman.

Flirting with the bartender. Novacoke. Hacking on the fly.

Zipper? Hardly know ’er.

Less talk. More gun.

Loomis. Cabo Club. Angry Orks. Crazy Elf.

Guns. Guns. Guns.

The college girl is pretty good in a fight.

Something strange… in the neighborhood junkyard.


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