Big gun, short temper.



Ruger Super WarHawk (single shot; 6 round cylinder)
Damage: 6P ArmourPeirceing: -1

HK XM30 (SemiAuto/BurstFire/FullAuto + 30 shot clip)
Smartgun system + rigid stock with shock pad
Underbarrel grenade launcher (Single shot 8 round clip. Damage based on grenade)
Damage: 6P AP: -1 RecoilCompensation: 1 with stock
-Shotgun Mod (SemiAuto + 10 shot clip)
Damage: 7P AP: +1 RC: (1 with stock)
-Carbine Mod (Counts as submachine gun for recoil purposes)
(SemiAuto/BurstFire/FullAuto + 30 shot clip)
Damage: 5P AP:0 RC: (1 with stock)
-Sniper (Semi + 10 shot clip)
Damage: 7P AP:-2 RC: (1 with stock)
-Large Machine Gun (with bipod)
(BurstFire/FullAuto + shot belt)
Damage: 6P AP:-1 RC:2 (3 with biped)

45 Heavy Pistol Round (w/speed loader)
20 Shotgun Shells (2 clips)
100 Light Machine Gun round (1 belt)
16 Sniper Rounds
150 Assault Rifle rounds (5 clips)
20 APDS rounds Ap-4
15 Stick n’ Shock 6S(e)

Throwing Weapons, Clubs and Swords
Monofilament sword: Reach 1, Damage: (STR/2+3)P, AP:-1,
Tomahawk: Reach: 1, Damage: (STR/2+2)P
Nunchaku: Reach: 1, Damage: (STR/2+2)P
Explosive grenades: Damage: 10P, AP: -2, Blast: -2/m

Full Body Armour (10/8)
Contact Lenses (wireless display display device) + AR Gloves
Flashlight + Rappeling Gloves + Grapple Gun (200m Microwire)
Smart Link Googles

Erika Elite Internal Comlink (Response 3 Signal 4) in left cyberarm
2 Synthetic Cyberarms (BOD 5, AGI 6, STR 5)
Unarmed Damage: 2P
0 capacity in right arm, 3 capacity left arm remaining
2 Synthetic Cyberlegs (BOD 5, AGI 6, STR 5)
w/ cyberjacks level 3 (+3 to jump, reduce fall distance 6m)
7 capacity each remaining
Internal Air Tank (hold breath for 2 hours) in left cyberarm
Cyberarm Slide (right arm)

GMC Bulldog step-Van

Vancouver Street Gangs
Flora and fauna of coast BC



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