Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

The Bubblegum Caper - Beauregard's Personal Journal

Sometimes your friends cost you all you have, even your hair

Bubblegum’s back in Vancouver and all I have from the run an empty wallet, a new stock pot and the need for a haircut I can’t afford. Here’s how we got back our kidnapped companion leaving us all destitute by the end.

Drying out took a few days but nothing old Beauregard can’t handle, can quit anything I want any time I want. Has nothing to do with menacing midnight visits or poor defan runners. Maybe it has a bit to do with that, don’t want any more death on these hands that aren’t my enemies. With a clearer head I finally convinced Max that we should go after Bubblegum, even though he says it’s just cause her rent was up I think he misses her too or at least misses having a hacker in the group.

Mags said she could find us a smuggler through some contact of hers, met the guy at the docks. Some bumbling Brit from MI6 named Archie, a little skiddish and from what Mags tells me, not that great at his job but seemed like an alright guy. Found us some lady out in Langley and gave us a phone number & an address. Everyone was on my case for giving her information as sensitive as my name and how many of us there are. Quoi faire? I thought this Archibald was reliable and we were given a trustworthy contact, I didn’t care and we hired this person to take us to San Fransico. Her name was Red…heart? No, start, that’s it Redstart. She had red tipped hair to compliment her name but honestly didn’t come off awfully experienced. Whole time was offput by the body dismembering & child killing duo of Mags and Max. Did I mention Max apparently killed some kid to get out of jail? I still don’t know how to deal with that, I’m just leaving it as for now long as he doesn’t try to sacrifice any parts of Beauregard but if I catch him doing something like that again, I don’t think I can stand by and let it happen.

This Redstart woman got us across the border and we pulled up to some cabin to spend the night. Looked like a lovely little place until I was taken by surprise by some insane natives who jumped us. I remember getting slashed by one then being woken up by Max’s magic healing long enough to shoot someone and have a frackin’ horned bear jump out of the woods looking for a Cajun po’boy. I think Max did some of his magic healing on me after this fight was done but it’s pretty hazy. Wasn’t impressed with our smuggler who it felt like walked us into one hell of a trap but apparently these were just random jaded squatters who were well armed with swords and bears. Geez, bears, heard Max burnt his fur off at least. Hope it froze it’s bare ass off.

Needless to say, the whole encounter left me wanting to get out of there somewhere between now and five minutes from now. Mags had wandered into the woods right after the fight so I went to grab her to try and get her on my side to get out of there but I didn’t want to go into the woods far. There’s bears in these woods, asshole bears. Heard some guy scream and that was enough for me, Mags can take care of herself. Figure I’d just go with my plan of sleeping in the carrier, safer than that death trap cabin. There was all kinds of madness before getting to sleep, Redstart claimed she saw Mags cutting up someone, Max was running around invisible and Mags was generally being calm and creepy. I don’t really care what Mags does to the enemy as long as she keeps her knife hands in the enemies.
Stopped in some one horse town called Ashcroft or something. Johnny law confronted us and we just paid them, not worth the trouble although Max kept claiming he’d “lost his wallet”. Right, sure you did Max, just like you did the first time we started working together. I will find that wallet or just take what you owe me out of the next run’s cut. Started to form our plans to get Bubblegum out of the Google compound, I tried to get in touch with that Serial Killer guy but somehow got a virus on my comm and had to let it run that antiviral thing to clean it out so that was useless. Max ran off and came back smelling like a sand butcher and absolutely ruined the motel shower with sand and blood. Had to take a saloppe shower in the sink just to get cleaned up, what a waste of a motel payment.

Rolled into San Francisco soon enough so I sprang into action to do a quick walkby of the compound just to get a lay of the land and since I happened to be close went to that famous fisherman’s wharf deal. Beautiful spread there and managed to pick up some premium gumbo ingredients and a great new stock pot. Got chastised a little for touring the sights until aromas of my cooking filled the air of our room. Max turned up missing a couple fingers but with all the magical security info, apparently this is the kind of deals magicians do? Says he can’t magic his fingers back, was surprised he went for it but maybe he learned his lesson that child souls aren’t acceptable bartering fodder. Hope he can manage with 8 fingers all right.

Redstart found us hacker to get the real world security info and would open a window for us to break in dressed as maintenance workers. Not sure how the money got handled on this one, I was running pretty thin in the wallet by then. Also turned out that Bubblegum was up in one of the top penthouses, real high security swanky corp life deal if you go for that sort of thing. Max said that the magic security was mostly ghosts and that he’d have to get their attention then run like crazy. I figured to just trust his word on all this, I mean, he gave up fingers for this personal run so I owe him the trust. Sad I can’t take the old bow with me but there’s nothing that screams Beauregard more to anyone who knows him like a dwarf with a big ass bow running around where he isn’t supposed to be. Under cover of night, Mags, Redstart and I were on a roof opposite and Max was on the street ready to bust out our Bubblegum. Our signal would be Max’s ghost distraction, then we’d give the hacker the okay to punch our security hole.

For a second I thought I saw some kind of giant raven or crow where Max was on the street then he started up his motorcycle and got running. Our security hole was punched and I shot a zipline across, made it through with ease and style but Redstart barely tumbled through before the alarms came back on. Managed to get into the elevator without incident but on the ride up Mags alerted us to some cameras that the hacker didn’t find (or mention) to us so I promptly found my feet extremely interesting. This had everyone worried we’d be found out but I calmed them down to just be on their guard but not to draw weapons yet. There was enough of a chance we were okay and blowing our cover here didn’t gain us much. The doors opened to two guards and two dogs, big dogs. They were surprised to see us but not guns blazing surprised so we tried to do some smooth talking. Didn’t go over so well but Mags really tore a strip out of them with some lightning fast moves. I was about to arrow their faces when one of the dogs just shoots fire out of it’s mouth at me, bâtard sournois! Took my completely by surprise, burned off my undercoveralls, ruined the fur lining on my jacket and even singed my hair. They managed to put me out without much incident so we started searching for Bubblegum. Found her in a room full of computer stuff, working away. Never seen her look so civil, no piercings, blond hair well kept. If she had some social grace we could almost send her undercover at swanky events if it ever came up, luckily we have old Beau for such occasions.

Made the mistake of trying to communicate with the “good child” Roxy, she set off the alarm within the first couple words out of my mouth so I shot her with one of my narcojet bolts but it didn’t take her down. Stuff doesn’t work quite like I expected it, thought it’d make people fall like a sacks of potatoes. Mags just strolled over, conked her one and we carried her over to the window so I could explode it and we could parachute out of this death trap. As I was putting down the putty heard what sounded like the elevator doors exploding out so I knew trouble was on it’s way. Ducked from the window, blew it open, grabbed Bubblegum and jumped. These low altitude parachutes worked like a charm, soared down to the getaway car like a thunder falcon. I’m keeping this thing on me when I head out to a run that might involve high places.

All in all this was surprisingly one of our more professional runs, probably cause I’m dry now. Never let myself see what the booze was doing to my skills as a runner but here’s the proof for ya. Bubblegum wasn’t too happy we knocked her out, said she could have stole a bunch of money before we started running. That’s her problem as I don’t think it’d be her inclination to split that take evenly. So here we are, all broke and either homeless or on the verge of homelessness and as much as I would love a rest, we need a run like a fish needs water.


spopp AlexOfAnders

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