Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Roxy's Vlog - Entry 5 (Part 1)

Personal vlog of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording.

So I figured we should maybe find out what was on this disk, since so many people seem to want to get their paws on it. The only place I know in Van that has a machine that can read it is the Cathode Glow… (I know, right? I totes gotta get me one of those). So we went back and they were all like “leave your weapons”, and I was all like “whatevs, we just gotta use one of your machines or whatever”. Thank goodness for Daddy’s money, we had to get a private room just in case this disk is like totally hot. I made 3 copies of the files on the disk, but didn’t manage to decrypt them any further before they corrupted (boo-urns).

So ANYWAY, what I found out:
The disk contains unreleased demos recorded by Jet Black in 2048, which is THE YEAR HE DIED.

This is so crazy, and so many JB fans would just KILL to hear what’s on this disk. Unfortunately, I can’t decrypt them far enough so that they’re clear so I can’t hear the quality…

So anyway, afterwards we head out to Beau’s place way out in the sticks to try and figure out what we should do next. Lynx calls her cop buddy to ask him about Loomis. He tells her that Loomis’ dad was Clarence Loomis, aka K-Spot, who was a pretty successful music producer about 20 years ago. I send CK a message to see if he can find out anything more about K-Spot, and he tells me that K-Spot was connected to Carrion Studios (pieces starting to come together, yo!).

We figure, let’s go to Carrion Studios. As it happens, it’s still there. Janet and I go in and pretend to be writing a story about the old studio. The girl at the desk doesn’t seem to know jack shit, buuuutt the janitor comes out to talk to us and turns out that he used to be a junior recording engineer there. He tells us about Delphia, who used to be the old head engineer, and how she used to work on projects there after hours. He says we can have a look through the records room if we want, so obvs we jump at that chance. (Janet is way less enthusiastic about it than me…).

Turns out maybe she was right to be less enthused, because the place is infested with devil rats. I DO NOT like devil rats. One bites me so I have to blow it to pieces, and I shoot another one in the leg before Lynx runs in to kill the rest of them. Janet wasn’t much help there.

Finally after some digging we find a chip labelled June 2048 – recording sessions with Jet Black June 24, 25 2048. It has previews of the songs on the disk, but no complete songs. The only other info is that the recordings happened at night, and the engineer was Delphia.

Lynx calls up this druggie guy she used to “live” with (under a bridge…gross), and he tells us that Delphia lives in Surrey (again, gross) on the far edge of the VanSprawl. We head out there in Lynx’s van, and find her building which is crawling with BTL-heads (super gross). We finally talk our way in (Max insists on staying outside) and get up to Delphia’s apartment. She is SUPER COOL; blue dreads, Native nano-tats, just super awesome. So anyway, we like ask her what was up with JB, and she’s all “something happened, I did some secret recording sessions with him, but then something happened”. So now I’m SUPER CURIOUS OMG. I bet someone had him taken out.


spopp leellii

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