Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Roxy's Vlog - Entry 4

Personal vlog of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording.

Ok, so first. Zipper, get fragged, or whatever. This isn’t for you, so ka?

Anyway. Fast forward a wee bit. We tracked down this Loomis dude to some bar called the Coda Club…Cabo Club? I dunno, it didn’t really have a sign. Anyway, we got there and strolled in, but Loomis wasn’t around. Beau said he kinda knew the place so we weren’t too careful about going in all together and some ork gangers tried to put the hurt on us. One of ‘em wacked me in the head with a pool cue so I was kinda out of it for the rest of the fight, not super sure what went down. Sounded like Lynx got to put her Big Gun to some kinda use, which is awesome. She’s always grumbling about not getting to use that thing much. My head finally stopped spinning (thank GOODNESS for my helmet), and I went to check out the back with Lynx, figuring that Loomis probably went out that way or might be hiding in the back or whatever.

AND THEN apparently Beau forgot to mention to us that he hired “backup”, by the name of Max or whatever. Lynx and I practically ran into this guy in the alley, all broody and smoking and whatever (lame…unless you’re Jet Black). She was totally all up for shooting him in the face and asking questions later, but I told her to hold up and then Beau came out and was all “ya, he’s da backup, he’s on da team” and stuff. Sure, whatever Beau. He totally looks like he can back us up (why do we need backup with Lynxie’s gun on our side?).

Anyway, we could totally see some dudes moving around in the junkyard out back of the bar, so we figured maybe they were looking for Loomis and the disk too. Lynx and I went around the outside of the junkyard, while Max and Beau went under the fence. We found a van in the parking lot that looked kinda suspiciously nondescript and whatever so we played it cool and tried to wander in, but these guys who clearly had guns said we couldn’t so we started walking around the outside again. Better not to get shot at when you don’t have to, right? Well, just then we hear all these gunshots coming from the other side of the junkyard or whatever, and we figured it must be Beau and Max (if that IS his real name) getting into trouble, right? Lynx took out one of the guys that we saw, and the others started running towards the gunshots, so we figured we’d follow but it’s a good thing we didn’t get very far because this fucking ork mage starts shooting some kinda mana bolts at us (is that what they’re called? I dunno, I don’t care for magic). Love my cybereyes, with ‘em I can SEE THROUGH MY GUN. So awesome right? So I can shoot around corners without putting myself in the line of fire. We took out some more guys, and were gonna kill the magic ork dude too, but he seemed pretty powerful, so we decided to let him go. Lynx didn’t want to of course. She’s a monster once she gets going.

Went to find Max and Beau, and Max was almost dead! What bum luck, right? Joins the team and almost immediately almost dies? Actually, he had good luck because Janet was there and she’s all FIRST AID and shit. I think he’s kinda got a thing for her now.

So it was like, probably really good that we ran into all those guys when we did because they hadn’t found Loomis who was hiding in the junkyard. He poked his scummy head out of some junk right about then and started begging for mercy, or whatever. We definitely weren’t having any of that after the firefight we went through to get to him, and he gave up the stupid disk once he realized that we weren’t gonna pay him with anything but his life. I took the disk cuz I figured we should at least check what was on it since he said it was his father’s?? Weird, right?

I checked out one of the dead guys ‘links, which had an RFID on it that read ShangriLa Productions…which is a subsidiary of Horizon that does music stuff. So, I guess this disk probably has music on it? Or did Mr. Johnson tell us that already. I dunno. The disk is labeled: Carrion Sessions, ’48. J.B. “For enlightenment, seek out absent friends”. If it’s music…I wonder if it has something to do with Jet Black. I mean, he died in 2048…


spopp leellii

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