Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Roxy's Vlog - Entries 1-3

Personal Log of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording

Entry 1

So I figure I’d maybe better start keeping track of all the stuff that’s gone down, you know, in case of whatever? Maybe the parental units might give a shit about their little girl in more than a “what are you doing with your life?? why aren’t you working for the company?? why don’t you come home and marry this guy we picked out for you and have good little corplets??” kinda way if I get geeked, and maybe they’ll wanna know how exactly it happened. Hey, maybe they’ll even take revenge for me! Who knows, stranger things have happened.

So anyway, I got in with this crew of runners cuz this guy I know said this guy he knows was looking for a hacker. Brought Lynx along cuz she’s killer (literally, ha!) in a fight, what with that giant ass gun she’s got hidden away in her arm. Been thinking about getting some more mods myself, and by the looks of this crew, a few hidden weapons might not be a bad thing.

So we meet up with the guy my guy knows, and he seems pretty ok I guess, for a dwarf. Goes by the name of Beauregard Traveau (that’s gotta be a fake handle right?). Talks in a weird accent too. Anyway, I’m glad I brought along Lynx because the skinny elf chica HE brought doesn’t look like she’s much use in a fight (she was talkin’ about books an’ stuff, and she wears CARDIGANS). The four of us make a pretty weird looking team, but the meeting with “Mr. Johnson” went pretty copaceticly, I guess.

Entry 2

Sooooo, I guess this one could be fun…we have to retrieve some kind of disk (contents: UNKNOWN), from some Ork Rock guy, Nabo. Or rather, he has some info about where we can find some more info about where we can find the disk. Or something. I got kinda bored in the middle of the meeting and zoned out on my ‘link for a while. We gotta go to his show though, so maybe it’ll be cool. This Beau guy claims to be some kinda master forger, and is gonna forge tickets. Going in the front seems pretty sissy though, maybe I’ll just climb on the roof.

Entry 3

WOOOO, yah! I got to climb on the roof! AND it turned out to be the best idea because the rest of ‘em got diddly going through the front and trying to work their wiles on some manager guy. I guess Beau’s idea to bring some novacoke was a good one, cuz he got backstage too and “kep’ em all busy” but whatevs, old dude. I’m the one that got in and got the goods. It was super sweet too, this Nabo guy had some pretty heavy security on his ‘link for just some dumb rockstar, but I got it just in the nick, and rappelled outta there like nobodies business. I got a lead on the hacker (psshhh, if she can even call herself that since she hardly even TRIED to encrypt her identity) who sent out the email about the intel for sale, so we decided to go meet her at a hacker bar in East Van called the Cathode Glow. Divy, even for my taste. Didn’t look like much from the outside, but boy howdy did it have the goods. I’d have liked to stay and poke around their tech, but we had a job to do. Janet the Bookworm and I went in to have a chat with ol’ Zipper (yah, her handle is Zipper. BORING). We tried to buy her a drink, but the dwarf chick she was with didn’t take too kindly to that. Zipper wasn’t very…forthcoming with the information, so I tried to bribe her…I guess next time I’ll search for a Dummies Guide to Bribery or something because that didn’t work. (I dunno, I never had to bribe anyone before!). Finally I took out my pistol and just slammed in on the table and THAT seemed to work because she told us that some dude named Loomis told her that he had a disk that wanted selling, and would she discretely make some offers for him? After that we had to run pretty quick cuz I was getting hacked, but whatever, I can handle myself.

Beau keeps calling me the Bubblegum Princess, which is maybe a reference to something I DO NOT get, and is also REALLY annoying. So I have pink hair, what EVS!


Look, you drekky little slitch, if you didn’t want to get hacked in a hacker bar then maybe you shouldn’t start waving around your stupid, overdesigned, Japanese shooter. Just the kind of amateur hour I’d expect from a CaliGirl. I have half a mind to let your daddy know your slumming around in Salish Town…

Roxy's Vlog - Entries 1-3

Woah Boy! Chummer, it sounds like you’ve been making enemies. Good thing Zipper is a lot more small time than her potty mouth seems to imply.
-Handsome Rob Roy

Roxy's Vlog - Entries 1-3
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