Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Last Time on Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

For some reason, Pip wanted you to meet some Underground hotshot named Johnny Tor-something-or-other.

Turns out he is a pretty alright guy, and does a lot of good stuff for the Underground (like feeding people and making sure go-gangs don’t bother anyone). It also turns out that he is “Junior” and you’ve been hired to arrest him.

No problem, just arrest the most popular man in all of the Ork Underground, and make little Pip cry while doing it. Plus, hand him over to the cops, that’ll make you popular with ALL the runners and jackpointers.

Good thing he offered to match what the cops were paying you to just let him go, with a few extra Nuyen to sweeten the pot. So you took the money and Knight Errant and the Seattle DA’s office were less than pleased: revoked your Bounty Hunter’s licence and suggest politely – at gunpoint – that you leave the sprawl and maybe never come back.

Did I get that right? Do you need another drink?

-Leopold “Rigger” Jones

You left out the part where St. Germain fucked off back to Quebec and only left a note about some family matter or something. Stupid jerk didn’t even leave me any back pay.

Woah little dude. You shouldn’t be using that kind of language. What would you’re mother say?
Plus, I heard some shit went down hard in Quebec City. like a Loup Garou outbreak or a rebellion or something. All I know is the jackpointers based out of QC have been quiet for a few weeks now.
-C3real K1ll3r

My mum is dead. Ass.


spopp spopp

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