Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 5

drunken mistakes take Lynx

Merde, can’t sleep for a bit now, woken up near 2am by Max’s loufoque soeur. Not sure what to make of her but then this last run has been nothing but trouble and sorrow, a blur of being almost killed and watching your friends die. Poor defan Lynx, she was a fair lady & a fiery companion. Feel like she was finally warming up to my charms, couldn’t bring myself to sleep in her bed tonight so it’s the couch for me. Maybe I could have done more, saved her from death’s icy grip but lately my grip has been loose. My nerves shot, what a foolish old man I’ve been. My Grandpere would be most disapproved of my performance. Haven’t had the mind or the stomach to keep up this log, but maybe I’ve just been hiding from myself.

This run started off wrong and never went full right, we may have gotten to fill our glasses at the end but there’s now two glasses left empty. This friend of Bubblegums, this pischouette, assembles us for a run on New Year’s eve where this Johnson gives us 15 minutes to plan to extract someone from a Horizon company party. We decide to zip line to the balcony were I end up being the third to go over and ram into the railing barely making it as Lynx’s troubles begin with a high powered sniper shot through her torso. Roxy fixes her a little as I take out some couyon in a suit. Try to get us through the door too but my explosive arrow just bounces off the door. We all think it’s a dud but I’ve never been burned by my arrow man, after all that’s happened, wouldn’t surprise Old Beau if he’d grabbed a hammerhead by accident. Managed it on the second shot to get Bubblegum clear to extract our “hostage” while some drones start descending. Take one out before grabbing Lynx’s grapping gun and giving us our escape route. Can barely keep myself from falling until I just lose it completely, hands slip but I knew we’d lose Lynx if she took the impact. Moved her to let me break her fall, saved her for a while at least but I haven’t been hurt like that since… I don’t want those memories right now. All I could think of while I was passing in and out were of my long lost cher, I wanted to forget and put on a happy face.

Our hostage turned out to be our Mr. Johnson which no one took well except Mr. Paker. I only mentioned it as a joke and it turned out to be exactly what was happening. He thought he’d made quite the fool of us but I think we made his last days among the living most miserablé. He claimed to have something worthwhile to the Atlantean or Draco foundation. Had a very nice lunch meeting with the Monrow I believe it was, very classy spread. Bubblegum & I had separate people call us about Parker, I had some lizard man from Saeder-Krupp call us about the Lin Yao Chang guy who called Roxy about getting some info. Little Bubblegum made the misery for us of telling us Lin Yao Chang was going to pay us 25000 to find out what Parker had that was worth extracting him and selling him to the Atlanteans was. After a little persuasion from Max he sang to us about some codex thing, I didn’t really care except that we might be able to get more money than he’s promising us. Also went to see what lizard face had to say but that turned out to be a whole new pile of misery, if I ever see that smarmy lizard man again I think I’ll just shoot him in the face.

Met him at a club and it quickly turned out to just be a trap to hand us over on a platter to Horizon. They tried to put some transmitter on Parker but Roxy picked it up in a snap and we tried to egress quickly. To our dismay the alley was blocked by a war machine of a Wasp and a couple of Horizon thugs, lucky to make it out of that one still breathing but then I guess we almost didn’t again. Looking back on it, I missed again and barely remember this fight. My first arrow just slipped right by the wasp and out to the street where I might have hurt just some regular people out for a night on the town. Did I take out the wasp? When did I become such a Saleau? How did I let this happen? By the time we got out of there and to the boat we were a mess. Had to lay low to heal and gather ourselves, seems I only gathered my misery at being stuck out to sea without a drop to drink.

Finally making a smart decision we all paid for a safe house to stay in while the lights were so bright on us. After finally getting a deal ironed out with the Draco Foundation we got muscled by Lin Yao and some short Asian guy. Offered us a take this money or die style offer that Max took immediately only to have a grenade lobbed at us instead of a credit stick. Suppose he at least saw it was a grenade in enough time to warn us, that stung a little but coulda been worse. Tried to shoot Lin Yao in his smirking ugly face as he used Parker for cover but missed. The short Asian man really took it to poor defan Lynx, first shooting at here than nearly killing her with a monofilament sword. I jumped on a car for leverage but he caught my arrow midflight! My arrows should be a lightning strike, a whisper in the wind that is heard after it passes, no living creature should be able to pluck those arrows out of the air but he caught it like it was a feather wafting by in a summer’s breeze. I could see the look on his face, he thought me a joke, this dwarf who shoots his archaic useless little weapons in a real person’s fight. I would have loved to make him eat my arrows but Max did his mind meld thing so I went to get our meal ticket. This must have steeled me to bring out the véritable Beauregard as I sprinted after Lin Yao who’d ducked into the café.

I slide open the door and saw Lin Yao shuffling his way to the back exit just off the wall. Eyeing this weak point I aimed at the wall just behind him, let an explosive arrow fly and bam, Parker was in my arms. That shifty bastard Lin Yao tossed him at me to set off a smoke bomb and run off. Back outside it seemed our friend the short Asian man had made use of the same trick and we took Lynx back to the safe house. Went out to get her a new sniper rifle to keep her further than the action, grabbed some form fitting armor & this pilot jacket that was sitting there calling out to me. The drop was set for the next day at that park next to the Granville bridge (not the island side).

Meeting with Monrow did not go smoothly, as soon as we sat down with him Lynx comms us that a sub surfaced, a Saeder-Krupp sub and out comes a battalion of corp monkeys and frogs. We start firing on them alongside Monrow when this truck that I barely noticed coming up to the drop opens to show it has a minigun to cover us. I throw a smoke bomb down to cover us while we run to the van. I’m told in this time Lynx was lost to us, apparently a couple of drone flew in with missiles. Hard to dodge a missile I’ll admit but I wish we had her better hidden. Maybe if I had been dry I’d have made that shot at Lin Yao, at the short Asian man. Maybe Lynx would be alive in her apartment with me right now. Every miss in that fight were more wounds for my team, I left practically unscathed because I didn’t come off as much of a threat. Maybe Mags is right, she may have approached me in the most invasively creepy way possible but look at me, I’m on Lynx’s couch covered in crumbs, bacon, already the stench of stale beer and sour wine in air. We’ve all been sloppy but I’ve been sloppy, a sloppy drunk who can’t aim. Can’t save anyone. This is all my fault, maybe I should look over that pamphlet Mags gave me…


spopp AlexOfAnders

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