Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 4

Is the park at night still romantic if there's a heatwave?

Mistake after mistake, it’s like we’re trying to make the misere Now I’m sleeping in the park alongside Janet and Lynx, Bubblegum and Max are in jail and we’re all murder suspects sought after by the Salish Tribal. Suppose it’s better to be stuck in the dirt with Lynx, even that Janet is a charmer for someone so mild mannered. Lets get to the start of this day, as it’d been a quite week of rejuvenation and training.

Max had further entrenching himself into a corner of my living unit as I was tossing knives at the wall when I got a call from Rigger. Says there’s a heatwave headed our way and we’ve got about 10 minutes before we’re sweating. I yell to Max that we gotta disappear and he suggests we split up, make it harder to find each other. No time to argue and fine, if he doesn’t want my protection than we’ll meet up later. Jumping in the Wasp crosses my mind for a minute but that seems like a mistake, just make sure I have the keys in my pocket before I dash into the train yard. After I put enough distance between me and my home I grabbed a generic comm from a 7-11 to send out a feeler message to everyone. Made me realize we could really use some emergency contact protocols so we don’t need names and can get across information generically. I’ll bring it up with the group soon.

Got a message direct from Janet’s comm (sigh, Library needs to read some spy novels) about how she can’t study at home and is headed to a café. I don’t have any better ideas and figure she means the café outside the Cathode Glow as it’s one of the few places everyone in the team would know. I make my way there keeping to the shadows and out of police eye, couldn’t see her from the street so I duck into the Cathode for a quick drink to calm the nerves and collect some thoughts. Got a message obviously from Lynx but at least it was from an unlisted number asking if anyone would like to see a movie. I send a private message back that we should go see the “Ghost of the past” in reference to the haunted mansion we recently visited twice. Settle up with the barkeep at the Glow and head back out into the night.

Catch a glimpse of a nervous looking elf sitting in the café and realize that Library had come to this café hoping we’d figure this is what she meant, she was just slow in getting there. I go in and sit down beside her without a word but the relief in her face says it all. I collect her and take her with me to meet up with Lynx.

Outside Marley’s haunted mansion we figure our best course of action is to head south back into Stanley Park for the night. All our homes are compromised and I’m not going to trust a hotel owner in this part of town. An encrypted message popped up on my comm from Roxy saying that both her and Max had been pinched. Soon after a message from a blocked number comes in simply stating “Tomorrow, Richards and Davie 9pm”. We really have nothing to lose so we decide to sleep some of the heat off in the park like we planned then go see what this mystery message is about. Hopefully it’ll help us get Roxy and Max out. Mal pris, I hope tomorrow is filled with lagniappe.


spopp AlexOfAnders

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