Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 3

Dead, undead, who cares? Where's my money?

Finally the sweet taste of victory, we handed over the disk to Darius St. George yesterday to a tidy sum of 15000 nguyen and the promise of future runs. After everything that happened with all our side tracking and information hunting I was ecstatic to get our previously agreed on payday. All that came from everything else was a headache, some new bruises and finding out that the stories of Jet Blacks death had been greatly exaggerated. Hell, I should be floating in the river myself but then again, this isn’t the first time I’ve paid the ferrymen to hell only to have someone pull me off the boat. Guess I should start where I left off, what I remember of it anyways.

After receiving the disk we decided that we should try to find a little more about what it contained seeing as people were more than happy to kill over it. I truth, I didn’t care too much at first apart from getting an arrow into the hide of whomever sent their dogs to the junkyard. Found out that this “Carrion” name was a recording studio, Janet and Bubblegum went in there posing as Jet Black fan girls doing a school paper or some story. Mostly spent that day getting drunk with Max back at the van shooting at whatever he’d levitate as a target. Remember getting a “distress” call from the girls over a few devil rats in some recording studio basement. Times like that make me worry these femmes are a little too green but think we’ve all proved out metal by the time we finished this run. Lynx barged in there with her gun blazing and scared the life out of the rats. Bubblegum & Janet must have some strange fear of rodents or something, maybe it’s a city girl thing. Somehow they got the name and location of this woman named Delphia. Bubblegum had us running out to the wastelands of Surrey knocking on the door of some junky.

I stayed outside the build but the girls came down saying we had to head out to some card club in Richmond to pick up a package for her. Turned out to be a Triad gambling den, got a really bad feeling over it. Thought we were getting sent off to be patsies but our resident smooth talking Librarian got the package and we whisked it back to Delphia without incident. Then all it turns out is that she sends us to yet another person, some lady called Marley Brenton, at least I think that was her name. Lives in a real shithole that looks like it should be condemned. Max told me the area was littered with ghosts and wards. The same lame story about a school paper gets us in plus some mention of the Carrion sessions. We’re greeted by a hologram and basically fed some more useless information about the recording. Yes it’s this Jet Black, I don’t have the encryption key to unlock the data and therefore have nothing useful for you. I remembered her saying it was too bad Jet Black “had to die” which struck me as odd but seeing as my interest is at a minimum I didn’t make waves about it.

Finally Bubblegum was satiated enough to set up a meeting with Darius to take the disk in for our pay day when I got a call. They told me they had Rigger and we had to meet them to hear them out on a “better offer on our merchandise”. My biggest misstep here was letting myself get blinded by emotion and not actually checking if Rigger was kidnapped. You’d think I was a hyper-paranoid mother of a 10 year old how I took it at face value although in hindsight I’m surprised no one else pointed it out. I’m still counting it as him owing me one more.

We delayed our meeting with Mr. Johnson by a couple hours to see what the “kidnappers” had to say. Lynx went ahead of us to set up a good sniping position, would have loved to sit back and send in a few arrows but as the contact point I was expected up front and personal. They wanted to meet around a graveyard in front of an old abandoned church. Was greeted by a tall woman named Reesa, an obvious second in command and few grunts who proceeded to made a very pretty offer on the disk but after it turned out they didn’t have Rigger I quickly caught the strong scent of bullshit in the air and told them we’d have to decline their generous offer. As soon as Reesa feels convinced enough we have the disk on us she suddenly chokes up acid and spits it at me, caught me off guard as most ladies don’t have such an easy time brushing off the Beauregard charm. All hell broke lose after that, Max conjured up some kind of cloud of debris around them and I let lose an explosive arrow at Reesa as I dive behind a tombstone. Took the grin of that smug face of hers for a minute when some giant robot dogs appear out of nowhere. One leapt over the tombstone I was hiding behind causing me to forget my immediate danger leaving my guard open for Reesa to grab me and push me between her and Max so she can fade into mist. Suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest and then everything faded to black. I awoke to Max doing some voodoo healing over me saying something about another archer and an arrow in my lung. Another archer got the drop on me? I wanted someone to pay for that with their life. I darted for the nearby mausoleum and saw little Miss Reesa out in the open, clear as a bell. Drew one of my new incendiary arrows, pulled it back and loosed it straight into her heart. Hope she felt those flames all the way to hell. No one tries to ruin Beauregard’s good looks and lives to tell the tale.

Turns out that some new players hit the field, took me out while I was distracted and then proceeded to pound the crap out of Reesa’s team. Lucky for us they hit back with everything they had leaving us to clean up the battered pieces. Reesa’s right hand man took out some shotgun wielding dwarf with a grenade then got knocked out by the human archer that almost killed me. I managed to take out two of Reesa’s enforcers while this is going on, got the second right through the heart. If his mama is alive I’m sure she felt that one. Some kind of magic blasted at me but I managed to duck it leaving it to ricochet off the mausoleum. The robot dogs who suddenly started to dart toward Lynx’s location so I tried to take one out, it must have some kind of split second senses because it managed to dodge a shot that was dead on.

Roxy hailed us on the comm about her killing a hacker distracting me enough to let that jackass amateur of an archer hit me again but he has the strength of a small child. Had about enough play time from this pretender and shot an arrow deep into his chest. The looks on his face the moment after it pierced was delicious, it’s like he knew it was about to explode. At this point the rest of the goons are trying to run off, Lynx manages to take out the magic user who fired off a bolt at me as he was getting to a van and that was basically the end of it. We dragged the passed out right hand man of Reesa, who it turns out was a vampire, to the van the shaman was running for so we can interrogate him in privacy. Reesa had claimed she represented a dead man’s interests and being almost killed over something tends to increase one’s interest in its backstory.

I had just started the delicate dance of intimidation and interrogation when Lynx leapt in and went straight to busting kneecaps. It was effective but doesn’t leave you with much wiggle room if they’re tougher to crap. He told us Reesa hired him and she was working for her “dad” aka the vampire who infected her. He really believed this crap about them being in line with Jet Black’s interests. It started to seem obvious what was going on by this point but last thing I want to do is to get the Bubblegum Princess too excited that her long dead rocker is a little more on the undead side of dead. I just wanted my damn money and a bottle of bourbon after that fight, it’d been too long of a night for anything else. We let Lynx clean up the mess and finally headed out to meet Darius.

Darius claims he’s been keeping an eye on us and that we were faithful enough for a bonus, says my plying for a bonus was unnecessary and tacky. I say it’s what got us the damn bonus and he was trying to keep the team for realizing how valuable my negotiation skills truly are. The bonus is still welcome and I manage to get that pistol crossbow I had my eye on. Should get me out of some tight spots.

Leave it to the princess to not want to leave well enough alone but we ended up back at the haunted house with some drunkard Lynx claims is an old friend. Think he may be an adapt as well, the way he controls his voice and body is too deliberate and he doesn’t seem like he has any of those fake limbs like the girls. Might do well to have someone I can communicate nonverbally. Bubblegum manages to hack the systems in the house and said she put the security on loop or something. Max cut us a hole in the magic security and we busted into Marley’s house only to find out she was a victim of the surge. Poor Cher has been hiding herself away in the basement of this old manor, thinking the world her enemy. Felt sorry for her and that I could at least pay for the window I broke. She confirmed what I already suspected, Jet Black turned vampire but faked his death after realizing that people might notice his shiny new teeth and lake of aging. Hope this is the last we hear of that, this lady called him as soon as we left after our last visit and flat out told us she’d be calling him after this one. He doesn’t seem too friendly and his pals aren’t really a push over, maybe we can stay out of his path. I don’t really care about him, his music or his whole damn industry. Music ended after CCR and AC/DC for old Beauregard. Grandpere knew what real rock is and passed his bon taste on to me.


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