Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

The Bubblegum Caper - Beauregard's Personal Journal
Sometimes your friends cost you all you have, even your hair

Bubblegum’s back in Vancouver and all I have from the run an empty wallet, a new stock pot and the need for a haircut I can’t afford. Here’s how we got back our kidnapped companion leaving us all destitute by the end.

Drying out took a few days but nothing old Beauregard can’t handle, can quit anything I want any time I want. Has nothing to do with menacing midnight visits or poor defan runners. Maybe it has a bit to do with that, don’t want any more death on these hands that aren’t my enemies. With a clearer head I finally convinced Max that we should go after Bubblegum, even though he says it’s just cause her rent was up I think he misses her too or at least misses having a hacker in the group.

Mags said she could find us a smuggler through some contact of hers, met the guy at the docks. Some bumbling Brit from MI6 named Archie, a little skiddish and from what Mags tells me, not that great at his job but seemed like an alright guy. Found us some lady out in Langley and gave us a phone number & an address. Everyone was on my case for giving her information as sensitive as my name and how many of us there are. Quoi faire? I thought this Archibald was reliable and we were given a trustworthy contact, I didn’t care and we hired this person to take us to San Fransico. Her name was Red…heart? No, start, that’s it Redstart. She had red tipped hair to compliment her name but honestly didn’t come off awfully experienced. Whole time was offput by the body dismembering & child killing duo of Mags and Max. Did I mention Max apparently killed some kid to get out of jail? I still don’t know how to deal with that, I’m just leaving it as for now long as he doesn’t try to sacrifice any parts of Beauregard but if I catch him doing something like that again, I don’t think I can stand by and let it happen.

This Redstart woman got us across the border and we pulled up to some cabin to spend the night. Looked like a lovely little place until I was taken by surprise by some insane natives who jumped us. I remember getting slashed by one then being woken up by Max’s magic healing long enough to shoot someone and have a frackin’ horned bear jump out of the woods looking for a Cajun po’boy. I think Max did some of his magic healing on me after this fight was done but it’s pretty hazy. Wasn’t impressed with our smuggler who it felt like walked us into one hell of a trap but apparently these were just random jaded squatters who were well armed with swords and bears. Geez, bears, heard Max burnt his fur off at least. Hope it froze it’s bare ass off.

Needless to say, the whole encounter left me wanting to get out of there somewhere between now and five minutes from now. Mags had wandered into the woods right after the fight so I went to grab her to try and get her on my side to get out of there but I didn’t want to go into the woods far. There’s bears in these woods, asshole bears. Heard some guy scream and that was enough for me, Mags can take care of herself. Figure I’d just go with my plan of sleeping in the carrier, safer than that death trap cabin. There was all kinds of madness before getting to sleep, Redstart claimed she saw Mags cutting up someone, Max was running around invisible and Mags was generally being calm and creepy. I don’t really care what Mags does to the enemy as long as she keeps her knife hands in the enemies.
Stopped in some one horse town called Ashcroft or something. Johnny law confronted us and we just paid them, not worth the trouble although Max kept claiming he’d “lost his wallet”. Right, sure you did Max, just like you did the first time we started working together. I will find that wallet or just take what you owe me out of the next run’s cut. Started to form our plans to get Bubblegum out of the Google compound, I tried to get in touch with that Serial Killer guy but somehow got a virus on my comm and had to let it run that antiviral thing to clean it out so that was useless. Max ran off and came back smelling like a sand butcher and absolutely ruined the motel shower with sand and blood. Had to take a saloppe shower in the sink just to get cleaned up, what a waste of a motel payment.

Rolled into San Francisco soon enough so I sprang into action to do a quick walkby of the compound just to get a lay of the land and since I happened to be close went to that famous fisherman’s wharf deal. Beautiful spread there and managed to pick up some premium gumbo ingredients and a great new stock pot. Got chastised a little for touring the sights until aromas of my cooking filled the air of our room. Max turned up missing a couple fingers but with all the magical security info, apparently this is the kind of deals magicians do? Says he can’t magic his fingers back, was surprised he went for it but maybe he learned his lesson that child souls aren’t acceptable bartering fodder. Hope he can manage with 8 fingers all right.

Redstart found us hacker to get the real world security info and would open a window for us to break in dressed as maintenance workers. Not sure how the money got handled on this one, I was running pretty thin in the wallet by then. Also turned out that Bubblegum was up in one of the top penthouses, real high security swanky corp life deal if you go for that sort of thing. Max said that the magic security was mostly ghosts and that he’d have to get their attention then run like crazy. I figured to just trust his word on all this, I mean, he gave up fingers for this personal run so I owe him the trust. Sad I can’t take the old bow with me but there’s nothing that screams Beauregard more to anyone who knows him like a dwarf with a big ass bow running around where he isn’t supposed to be. Under cover of night, Mags, Redstart and I were on a roof opposite and Max was on the street ready to bust out our Bubblegum. Our signal would be Max’s ghost distraction, then we’d give the hacker the okay to punch our security hole.

For a second I thought I saw some kind of giant raven or crow where Max was on the street then he started up his motorcycle and got running. Our security hole was punched and I shot a zipline across, made it through with ease and style but Redstart barely tumbled through before the alarms came back on. Managed to get into the elevator without incident but on the ride up Mags alerted us to some cameras that the hacker didn’t find (or mention) to us so I promptly found my feet extremely interesting. This had everyone worried we’d be found out but I calmed them down to just be on their guard but not to draw weapons yet. There was enough of a chance we were okay and blowing our cover here didn’t gain us much. The doors opened to two guards and two dogs, big dogs. They were surprised to see us but not guns blazing surprised so we tried to do some smooth talking. Didn’t go over so well but Mags really tore a strip out of them with some lightning fast moves. I was about to arrow their faces when one of the dogs just shoots fire out of it’s mouth at me, bâtard sournois! Took my completely by surprise, burned off my undercoveralls, ruined the fur lining on my jacket and even singed my hair. They managed to put me out without much incident so we started searching for Bubblegum. Found her in a room full of computer stuff, working away. Never seen her look so civil, no piercings, blond hair well kept. If she had some social grace we could almost send her undercover at swanky events if it ever came up, luckily we have old Beau for such occasions.

Made the mistake of trying to communicate with the “good child” Roxy, she set off the alarm within the first couple words out of my mouth so I shot her with one of my narcojet bolts but it didn’t take her down. Stuff doesn’t work quite like I expected it, thought it’d make people fall like a sacks of potatoes. Mags just strolled over, conked her one and we carried her over to the window so I could explode it and we could parachute out of this death trap. As I was putting down the putty heard what sounded like the elevator doors exploding out so I knew trouble was on it’s way. Ducked from the window, blew it open, grabbed Bubblegum and jumped. These low altitude parachutes worked like a charm, soared down to the getaway car like a thunder falcon. I’m keeping this thing on me when I head out to a run that might involve high places.

All in all this was surprisingly one of our more professional runs, probably cause I’m dry now. Never let myself see what the booze was doing to my skills as a runner but here’s the proof for ya. Bubblegum wasn’t too happy we knocked her out, said she could have stole a bunch of money before we started running. That’s her problem as I don’t think it’d be her inclination to split that take evenly. So here we are, all broke and either homeless or on the verge of homelessness and as much as I would love a rest, we need a run like a fish needs water.

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 5
drunken mistakes take Lynx

Merde, can’t sleep for a bit now, woken up near 2am by Max’s loufoque soeur. Not sure what to make of her but then this last run has been nothing but trouble and sorrow, a blur of being almost killed and watching your friends die. Poor defan Lynx, she was a fair lady & a fiery companion. Feel like she was finally warming up to my charms, couldn’t bring myself to sleep in her bed tonight so it’s the couch for me. Maybe I could have done more, saved her from death’s icy grip but lately my grip has been loose. My nerves shot, what a foolish old man I’ve been. My Grandpere would be most disapproved of my performance. Haven’t had the mind or the stomach to keep up this log, but maybe I’ve just been hiding from myself.

This run started off wrong and never went full right, we may have gotten to fill our glasses at the end but there’s now two glasses left empty. This friend of Bubblegums, this pischouette, assembles us for a run on New Year’s eve where this Johnson gives us 15 minutes to plan to extract someone from a Horizon company party. We decide to zip line to the balcony were I end up being the third to go over and ram into the railing barely making it as Lynx’s troubles begin with a high powered sniper shot through her torso. Roxy fixes her a little as I take out some couyon in a suit. Try to get us through the door too but my explosive arrow just bounces off the door. We all think it’s a dud but I’ve never been burned by my arrow man, after all that’s happened, wouldn’t surprise Old Beau if he’d grabbed a hammerhead by accident. Managed it on the second shot to get Bubblegum clear to extract our “hostage” while some drones start descending. Take one out before grabbing Lynx’s grapping gun and giving us our escape route. Can barely keep myself from falling until I just lose it completely, hands slip but I knew we’d lose Lynx if she took the impact. Moved her to let me break her fall, saved her for a while at least but I haven’t been hurt like that since… I don’t want those memories right now. All I could think of while I was passing in and out were of my long lost cher, I wanted to forget and put on a happy face.

Our hostage turned out to be our Mr. Johnson which no one took well except Mr. Paker. I only mentioned it as a joke and it turned out to be exactly what was happening. He thought he’d made quite the fool of us but I think we made his last days among the living most miserablé. He claimed to have something worthwhile to the Atlantean or Draco foundation. Had a very nice lunch meeting with the Monrow I believe it was, very classy spread. Bubblegum & I had separate people call us about Parker, I had some lizard man from Saeder-Krupp call us about the Lin Yao Chang guy who called Roxy about getting some info. Little Bubblegum made the misery for us of telling us Lin Yao Chang was going to pay us 25000 to find out what Parker had that was worth extracting him and selling him to the Atlanteans was. After a little persuasion from Max he sang to us about some codex thing, I didn’t really care except that we might be able to get more money than he’s promising us. Also went to see what lizard face had to say but that turned out to be a whole new pile of misery, if I ever see that smarmy lizard man again I think I’ll just shoot him in the face.

Met him at a club and it quickly turned out to just be a trap to hand us over on a platter to Horizon. They tried to put some transmitter on Parker but Roxy picked it up in a snap and we tried to egress quickly. To our dismay the alley was blocked by a war machine of a Wasp and a couple of Horizon thugs, lucky to make it out of that one still breathing but then I guess we almost didn’t again. Looking back on it, I missed again and barely remember this fight. My first arrow just slipped right by the wasp and out to the street where I might have hurt just some regular people out for a night on the town. Did I take out the wasp? When did I become such a Saleau? How did I let this happen? By the time we got out of there and to the boat we were a mess. Had to lay low to heal and gather ourselves, seems I only gathered my misery at being stuck out to sea without a drop to drink.

Finally making a smart decision we all paid for a safe house to stay in while the lights were so bright on us. After finally getting a deal ironed out with the Draco Foundation we got muscled by Lin Yao and some short Asian guy. Offered us a take this money or die style offer that Max took immediately only to have a grenade lobbed at us instead of a credit stick. Suppose he at least saw it was a grenade in enough time to warn us, that stung a little but coulda been worse. Tried to shoot Lin Yao in his smirking ugly face as he used Parker for cover but missed. The short Asian man really took it to poor defan Lynx, first shooting at here than nearly killing her with a monofilament sword. I jumped on a car for leverage but he caught my arrow midflight! My arrows should be a lightning strike, a whisper in the wind that is heard after it passes, no living creature should be able to pluck those arrows out of the air but he caught it like it was a feather wafting by in a summer’s breeze. I could see the look on his face, he thought me a joke, this dwarf who shoots his archaic useless little weapons in a real person’s fight. I would have loved to make him eat my arrows but Max did his mind meld thing so I went to get our meal ticket. This must have steeled me to bring out the véritable Beauregard as I sprinted after Lin Yao who’d ducked into the café.

I slide open the door and saw Lin Yao shuffling his way to the back exit just off the wall. Eyeing this weak point I aimed at the wall just behind him, let an explosive arrow fly and bam, Parker was in my arms. That shifty bastard Lin Yao tossed him at me to set off a smoke bomb and run off. Back outside it seemed our friend the short Asian man had made use of the same trick and we took Lynx back to the safe house. Went out to get her a new sniper rifle to keep her further than the action, grabbed some form fitting armor & this pilot jacket that was sitting there calling out to me. The drop was set for the next day at that park next to the Granville bridge (not the island side).

Meeting with Monrow did not go smoothly, as soon as we sat down with him Lynx comms us that a sub surfaced, a Saeder-Krupp sub and out comes a battalion of corp monkeys and frogs. We start firing on them alongside Monrow when this truck that I barely noticed coming up to the drop opens to show it has a minigun to cover us. I throw a smoke bomb down to cover us while we run to the van. I’m told in this time Lynx was lost to us, apparently a couple of drone flew in with missiles. Hard to dodge a missile I’ll admit but I wish we had her better hidden. Maybe if I had been dry I’d have made that shot at Lin Yao, at the short Asian man. Maybe Lynx would be alive in her apartment with me right now. Every miss in that fight were more wounds for my team, I left practically unscathed because I didn’t come off as much of a threat. Maybe Mags is right, she may have approached me in the most invasively creepy way possible but look at me, I’m on Lynx’s couch covered in crumbs, bacon, already the stench of stale beer and sour wine in air. We’ve all been sloppy but I’ve been sloppy, a sloppy drunk who can’t aim. Can’t save anyone. This is all my fault, maybe I should look over that pamphlet Mags gave me…

Last Time on Shadowrun: Vancouver Hipsters

For some reason, Pip wanted you to meet some Underground hotshot named Johnny Tor-something-or-other.

Turns out he is a pretty alright guy, and does a lot of good stuff for the Underground (like feeding people and making sure go-gangs don’t bother anyone). It also turns out that he is “Junior” and you’ve been hired to arrest him.

No problem, just arrest the most popular man in all of the Ork Underground, and make little Pip cry while doing it. Plus, hand him over to the cops, that’ll make you popular with ALL the runners and jackpointers.

Good thing he offered to match what the cops were paying you to just let him go, with a few extra Nuyen to sweeten the pot. So you took the money and Knight Errant and the Seattle DA’s office were less than pleased: revoked your Bounty Hunter’s licence and suggest politely – at gunpoint – that you leave the sprawl and maybe never come back.

Did I get that right? Do you need another drink?

-Leopold “Rigger” Jones

You left out the part where St. Germain fucked off back to Quebec and only left a note about some family matter or something. Stupid jerk didn’t even leave me any back pay.

Woah little dude. You shouldn’t be using that kind of language. What would you’re mother say?
Plus, I heard some shit went down hard in Quebec City. like a Loup Garou outbreak or a rebellion or something. All I know is the jackpointers based out of QC have been quiet for a few weeks now.
-C3real K1ll3r

My mum is dead. Ass.

Roxy's Vlog - Entry 5 (Part 1)

Personal vlog of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording.

So I figured we should maybe find out what was on this disk, since so many people seem to want to get their paws on it. The only place I know in Van that has a machine that can read it is the Cathode Glow… (I know, right? I totes gotta get me one of those). So we went back and they were all like “leave your weapons”, and I was all like “whatevs, we just gotta use one of your machines or whatever”. Thank goodness for Daddy’s money, we had to get a private room just in case this disk is like totally hot. I made 3 copies of the files on the disk, but didn’t manage to decrypt them any further before they corrupted (boo-urns).

So ANYWAY, what I found out:
The disk contains unreleased demos recorded by Jet Black in 2048, which is THE YEAR HE DIED.

This is so crazy, and so many JB fans would just KILL to hear what’s on this disk. Unfortunately, I can’t decrypt them far enough so that they’re clear so I can’t hear the quality…

So anyway, afterwards we head out to Beau’s place way out in the sticks to try and figure out what we should do next. Lynx calls her cop buddy to ask him about Loomis. He tells her that Loomis’ dad was Clarence Loomis, aka K-Spot, who was a pretty successful music producer about 20 years ago. I send CK a message to see if he can find out anything more about K-Spot, and he tells me that K-Spot was connected to Carrion Studios (pieces starting to come together, yo!).

We figure, let’s go to Carrion Studios. As it happens, it’s still there. Janet and I go in and pretend to be writing a story about the old studio. The girl at the desk doesn’t seem to know jack shit, buuuutt the janitor comes out to talk to us and turns out that he used to be a junior recording engineer there. He tells us about Delphia, who used to be the old head engineer, and how she used to work on projects there after hours. He says we can have a look through the records room if we want, so obvs we jump at that chance. (Janet is way less enthusiastic about it than me…).

Turns out maybe she was right to be less enthused, because the place is infested with devil rats. I DO NOT like devil rats. One bites me so I have to blow it to pieces, and I shoot another one in the leg before Lynx runs in to kill the rest of them. Janet wasn’t much help there.

Finally after some digging we find a chip labelled June 2048 – recording sessions with Jet Black June 24, 25 2048. It has previews of the songs on the disk, but no complete songs. The only other info is that the recordings happened at night, and the engineer was Delphia.

Lynx calls up this druggie guy she used to “live” with (under a bridge…gross), and he tells us that Delphia lives in Surrey (again, gross) on the far edge of the VanSprawl. We head out there in Lynx’s van, and find her building which is crawling with BTL-heads (super gross). We finally talk our way in (Max insists on staying outside) and get up to Delphia’s apartment. She is SUPER COOL; blue dreads, Native nano-tats, just super awesome. So anyway, we like ask her what was up with JB, and she’s all “something happened, I did some secret recording sessions with him, but then something happened”. So now I’m SUPER CURIOUS OMG. I bet someone had him taken out.

Roxy's Vlog - Entry 4

Personal vlog of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording.

Ok, so first. Zipper, get fragged, or whatever. This isn’t for you, so ka?

Anyway. Fast forward a wee bit. We tracked down this Loomis dude to some bar called the Coda Club…Cabo Club? I dunno, it didn’t really have a sign. Anyway, we got there and strolled in, but Loomis wasn’t around. Beau said he kinda knew the place so we weren’t too careful about going in all together and some ork gangers tried to put the hurt on us. One of ‘em wacked me in the head with a pool cue so I was kinda out of it for the rest of the fight, not super sure what went down. Sounded like Lynx got to put her Big Gun to some kinda use, which is awesome. She’s always grumbling about not getting to use that thing much. My head finally stopped spinning (thank GOODNESS for my helmet), and I went to check out the back with Lynx, figuring that Loomis probably went out that way or might be hiding in the back or whatever.

AND THEN apparently Beau forgot to mention to us that he hired “backup”, by the name of Max or whatever. Lynx and I practically ran into this guy in the alley, all broody and smoking and whatever (lame…unless you’re Jet Black). She was totally all up for shooting him in the face and asking questions later, but I told her to hold up and then Beau came out and was all “ya, he’s da backup, he’s on da team” and stuff. Sure, whatever Beau. He totally looks like he can back us up (why do we need backup with Lynxie’s gun on our side?).

Anyway, we could totally see some dudes moving around in the junkyard out back of the bar, so we figured maybe they were looking for Loomis and the disk too. Lynx and I went around the outside of the junkyard, while Max and Beau went under the fence. We found a van in the parking lot that looked kinda suspiciously nondescript and whatever so we played it cool and tried to wander in, but these guys who clearly had guns said we couldn’t so we started walking around the outside again. Better not to get shot at when you don’t have to, right? Well, just then we hear all these gunshots coming from the other side of the junkyard or whatever, and we figured it must be Beau and Max (if that IS his real name) getting into trouble, right? Lynx took out one of the guys that we saw, and the others started running towards the gunshots, so we figured we’d follow but it’s a good thing we didn’t get very far because this fucking ork mage starts shooting some kinda mana bolts at us (is that what they’re called? I dunno, I don’t care for magic). Love my cybereyes, with ‘em I can SEE THROUGH MY GUN. So awesome right? So I can shoot around corners without putting myself in the line of fire. We took out some more guys, and were gonna kill the magic ork dude too, but he seemed pretty powerful, so we decided to let him go. Lynx didn’t want to of course. She’s a monster once she gets going.

Went to find Max and Beau, and Max was almost dead! What bum luck, right? Joins the team and almost immediately almost dies? Actually, he had good luck because Janet was there and she’s all FIRST AID and shit. I think he’s kinda got a thing for her now.

So it was like, probably really good that we ran into all those guys when we did because they hadn’t found Loomis who was hiding in the junkyard. He poked his scummy head out of some junk right about then and started begging for mercy, or whatever. We definitely weren’t having any of that after the firefight we went through to get to him, and he gave up the stupid disk once he realized that we weren’t gonna pay him with anything but his life. I took the disk cuz I figured we should at least check what was on it since he said it was his father’s?? Weird, right?

I checked out one of the dead guys ‘links, which had an RFID on it that read ShangriLa Productions…which is a subsidiary of Horizon that does music stuff. So, I guess this disk probably has music on it? Or did Mr. Johnson tell us that already. I dunno. The disk is labeled: Carrion Sessions, ’48. J.B. “For enlightenment, seek out absent friends”. If it’s music…I wonder if it has something to do with Jet Black. I mean, he died in 2048…

Roxy's Vlog - Entries 1-3

Personal Log of Roxanne Montgomery, transcribed from voice recording

Entry 1

So I figure I’d maybe better start keeping track of all the stuff that’s gone down, you know, in case of whatever? Maybe the parental units might give a shit about their little girl in more than a “what are you doing with your life?? why aren’t you working for the company?? why don’t you come home and marry this guy we picked out for you and have good little corplets??” kinda way if I get geeked, and maybe they’ll wanna know how exactly it happened. Hey, maybe they’ll even take revenge for me! Who knows, stranger things have happened.

So anyway, I got in with this crew of runners cuz this guy I know said this guy he knows was looking for a hacker. Brought Lynx along cuz she’s killer (literally, ha!) in a fight, what with that giant ass gun she’s got hidden away in her arm. Been thinking about getting some more mods myself, and by the looks of this crew, a few hidden weapons might not be a bad thing.

So we meet up with the guy my guy knows, and he seems pretty ok I guess, for a dwarf. Goes by the name of Beauregard Traveau (that’s gotta be a fake handle right?). Talks in a weird accent too. Anyway, I’m glad I brought along Lynx because the skinny elf chica HE brought doesn’t look like she’s much use in a fight (she was talkin’ about books an’ stuff, and she wears CARDIGANS). The four of us make a pretty weird looking team, but the meeting with “Mr. Johnson” went pretty copaceticly, I guess.

Entry 2

Sooooo, I guess this one could be fun…we have to retrieve some kind of disk (contents: UNKNOWN), from some Ork Rock guy, Nabo. Or rather, he has some info about where we can find some more info about where we can find the disk. Or something. I got kinda bored in the middle of the meeting and zoned out on my ‘link for a while. We gotta go to his show though, so maybe it’ll be cool. This Beau guy claims to be some kinda master forger, and is gonna forge tickets. Going in the front seems pretty sissy though, maybe I’ll just climb on the roof.

Entry 3

WOOOO, yah! I got to climb on the roof! AND it turned out to be the best idea because the rest of ‘em got diddly going through the front and trying to work their wiles on some manager guy. I guess Beau’s idea to bring some novacoke was a good one, cuz he got backstage too and “kep’ em all busy” but whatevs, old dude. I’m the one that got in and got the goods. It was super sweet too, this Nabo guy had some pretty heavy security on his ‘link for just some dumb rockstar, but I got it just in the nick, and rappelled outta there like nobodies business. I got a lead on the hacker (psshhh, if she can even call herself that since she hardly even TRIED to encrypt her identity) who sent out the email about the intel for sale, so we decided to go meet her at a hacker bar in East Van called the Cathode Glow. Divy, even for my taste. Didn’t look like much from the outside, but boy howdy did it have the goods. I’d have liked to stay and poke around their tech, but we had a job to do. Janet the Bookworm and I went in to have a chat with ol’ Zipper (yah, her handle is Zipper. BORING). We tried to buy her a drink, but the dwarf chick she was with didn’t take too kindly to that. Zipper wasn’t very…forthcoming with the information, so I tried to bribe her…I guess next time I’ll search for a Dummies Guide to Bribery or something because that didn’t work. (I dunno, I never had to bribe anyone before!). Finally I took out my pistol and just slammed in on the table and THAT seemed to work because she told us that some dude named Loomis told her that he had a disk that wanted selling, and would she discretely make some offers for him? After that we had to run pretty quick cuz I was getting hacked, but whatever, I can handle myself.

Beau keeps calling me the Bubblegum Princess, which is maybe a reference to something I DO NOT get, and is also REALLY annoying. So I have pink hair, what EVS!

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 4
Is the park at night still romantic if there's a heatwave?

Mistake after mistake, it’s like we’re trying to make the misere Now I’m sleeping in the park alongside Janet and Lynx, Bubblegum and Max are in jail and we’re all murder suspects sought after by the Salish Tribal. Suppose it’s better to be stuck in the dirt with Lynx, even that Janet is a charmer for someone so mild mannered. Lets get to the start of this day, as it’d been a quite week of rejuvenation and training.

Max had further entrenching himself into a corner of my living unit as I was tossing knives at the wall when I got a call from Rigger. Says there’s a heatwave headed our way and we’ve got about 10 minutes before we’re sweating. I yell to Max that we gotta disappear and he suggests we split up, make it harder to find each other. No time to argue and fine, if he doesn’t want my protection than we’ll meet up later. Jumping in the Wasp crosses my mind for a minute but that seems like a mistake, just make sure I have the keys in my pocket before I dash into the train yard. After I put enough distance between me and my home I grabbed a generic comm from a 7-11 to send out a feeler message to everyone. Made me realize we could really use some emergency contact protocols so we don’t need names and can get across information generically. I’ll bring it up with the group soon.

Got a message direct from Janet’s comm (sigh, Library needs to read some spy novels) about how she can’t study at home and is headed to a café. I don’t have any better ideas and figure she means the café outside the Cathode Glow as it’s one of the few places everyone in the team would know. I make my way there keeping to the shadows and out of police eye, couldn’t see her from the street so I duck into the Cathode for a quick drink to calm the nerves and collect some thoughts. Got a message obviously from Lynx but at least it was from an unlisted number asking if anyone would like to see a movie. I send a private message back that we should go see the “Ghost of the past” in reference to the haunted mansion we recently visited twice. Settle up with the barkeep at the Glow and head back out into the night.

Catch a glimpse of a nervous looking elf sitting in the café and realize that Library had come to this café hoping we’d figure this is what she meant, she was just slow in getting there. I go in and sit down beside her without a word but the relief in her face says it all. I collect her and take her with me to meet up with Lynx.

Outside Marley’s haunted mansion we figure our best course of action is to head south back into Stanley Park for the night. All our homes are compromised and I’m not going to trust a hotel owner in this part of town. An encrypted message popped up on my comm from Roxy saying that both her and Max had been pinched. Soon after a message from a blocked number comes in simply stating “Tomorrow, Richards and Davie 9pm”. We really have nothing to lose so we decide to sleep some of the heat off in the park like we planned then go see what this mystery message is about. Hopefully it’ll help us get Roxy and Max out. Mal pris, I hope tomorrow is filled with lagniappe.

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 3
Dead, undead, who cares? Where's my money?

Finally the sweet taste of victory, we handed over the disk to Darius St. George yesterday to a tidy sum of 15000 nguyen and the promise of future runs. After everything that happened with all our side tracking and information hunting I was ecstatic to get our previously agreed on payday. All that came from everything else was a headache, some new bruises and finding out that the stories of Jet Blacks death had been greatly exaggerated. Hell, I should be floating in the river myself but then again, this isn’t the first time I’ve paid the ferrymen to hell only to have someone pull me off the boat. Guess I should start where I left off, what I remember of it anyways.

After receiving the disk we decided that we should try to find a little more about what it contained seeing as people were more than happy to kill over it. I truth, I didn’t care too much at first apart from getting an arrow into the hide of whomever sent their dogs to the junkyard. Found out that this “Carrion” name was a recording studio, Janet and Bubblegum went in there posing as Jet Black fan girls doing a school paper or some story. Mostly spent that day getting drunk with Max back at the van shooting at whatever he’d levitate as a target. Remember getting a “distress” call from the girls over a few devil rats in some recording studio basement. Times like that make me worry these femmes are a little too green but think we’ve all proved out metal by the time we finished this run. Lynx barged in there with her gun blazing and scared the life out of the rats. Bubblegum & Janet must have some strange fear of rodents or something, maybe it’s a city girl thing. Somehow they got the name and location of this woman named Delphia. Bubblegum had us running out to the wastelands of Surrey knocking on the door of some junky.

I stayed outside the build but the girls came down saying we had to head out to some card club in Richmond to pick up a package for her. Turned out to be a Triad gambling den, got a really bad feeling over it. Thought we were getting sent off to be patsies but our resident smooth talking Librarian got the package and we whisked it back to Delphia without incident. Then all it turns out is that she sends us to yet another person, some lady called Marley Brenton, at least I think that was her name. Lives in a real shithole that looks like it should be condemned. Max told me the area was littered with ghosts and wards. The same lame story about a school paper gets us in plus some mention of the Carrion sessions. We’re greeted by a hologram and basically fed some more useless information about the recording. Yes it’s this Jet Black, I don’t have the encryption key to unlock the data and therefore have nothing useful for you. I remembered her saying it was too bad Jet Black “had to die” which struck me as odd but seeing as my interest is at a minimum I didn’t make waves about it.

Finally Bubblegum was satiated enough to set up a meeting with Darius to take the disk in for our pay day when I got a call. They told me they had Rigger and we had to meet them to hear them out on a “better offer on our merchandise”. My biggest misstep here was letting myself get blinded by emotion and not actually checking if Rigger was kidnapped. You’d think I was a hyper-paranoid mother of a 10 year old how I took it at face value although in hindsight I’m surprised no one else pointed it out. I’m still counting it as him owing me one more.

We delayed our meeting with Mr. Johnson by a couple hours to see what the “kidnappers” had to say. Lynx went ahead of us to set up a good sniping position, would have loved to sit back and send in a few arrows but as the contact point I was expected up front and personal. They wanted to meet around a graveyard in front of an old abandoned church. Was greeted by a tall woman named Reesa, an obvious second in command and few grunts who proceeded to made a very pretty offer on the disk but after it turned out they didn’t have Rigger I quickly caught the strong scent of bullshit in the air and told them we’d have to decline their generous offer. As soon as Reesa feels convinced enough we have the disk on us she suddenly chokes up acid and spits it at me, caught me off guard as most ladies don’t have such an easy time brushing off the Beauregard charm. All hell broke lose after that, Max conjured up some kind of cloud of debris around them and I let lose an explosive arrow at Reesa as I dive behind a tombstone. Took the grin of that smug face of hers for a minute when some giant robot dogs appear out of nowhere. One leapt over the tombstone I was hiding behind causing me to forget my immediate danger leaving my guard open for Reesa to grab me and push me between her and Max so she can fade into mist. Suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest and then everything faded to black. I awoke to Max doing some voodoo healing over me saying something about another archer and an arrow in my lung. Another archer got the drop on me? I wanted someone to pay for that with their life. I darted for the nearby mausoleum and saw little Miss Reesa out in the open, clear as a bell. Drew one of my new incendiary arrows, pulled it back and loosed it straight into her heart. Hope she felt those flames all the way to hell. No one tries to ruin Beauregard’s good looks and lives to tell the tale.

Turns out that some new players hit the field, took me out while I was distracted and then proceeded to pound the crap out of Reesa’s team. Lucky for us they hit back with everything they had leaving us to clean up the battered pieces. Reesa’s right hand man took out some shotgun wielding dwarf with a grenade then got knocked out by the human archer that almost killed me. I managed to take out two of Reesa’s enforcers while this is going on, got the second right through the heart. If his mama is alive I’m sure she felt that one. Some kind of magic blasted at me but I managed to duck it leaving it to ricochet off the mausoleum. The robot dogs who suddenly started to dart toward Lynx’s location so I tried to take one out, it must have some kind of split second senses because it managed to dodge a shot that was dead on.

Roxy hailed us on the comm about her killing a hacker distracting me enough to let that jackass amateur of an archer hit me again but he has the strength of a small child. Had about enough play time from this pretender and shot an arrow deep into his chest. The looks on his face the moment after it pierced was delicious, it’s like he knew it was about to explode. At this point the rest of the goons are trying to run off, Lynx manages to take out the magic user who fired off a bolt at me as he was getting to a van and that was basically the end of it. We dragged the passed out right hand man of Reesa, who it turns out was a vampire, to the van the shaman was running for so we can interrogate him in privacy. Reesa had claimed she represented a dead man’s interests and being almost killed over something tends to increase one’s interest in its backstory.

I had just started the delicate dance of intimidation and interrogation when Lynx leapt in and went straight to busting kneecaps. It was effective but doesn’t leave you with much wiggle room if they’re tougher to crap. He told us Reesa hired him and she was working for her “dad” aka the vampire who infected her. He really believed this crap about them being in line with Jet Black’s interests. It started to seem obvious what was going on by this point but last thing I want to do is to get the Bubblegum Princess too excited that her long dead rocker is a little more on the undead side of dead. I just wanted my damn money and a bottle of bourbon after that fight, it’d been too long of a night for anything else. We let Lynx clean up the mess and finally headed out to meet Darius.

Darius claims he’s been keeping an eye on us and that we were faithful enough for a bonus, says my plying for a bonus was unnecessary and tacky. I say it’s what got us the damn bonus and he was trying to keep the team for realizing how valuable my negotiation skills truly are. The bonus is still welcome and I manage to get that pistol crossbow I had my eye on. Should get me out of some tight spots.

Leave it to the princess to not want to leave well enough alone but we ended up back at the haunted house with some drunkard Lynx claims is an old friend. Think he may be an adapt as well, the way he controls his voice and body is too deliberate and he doesn’t seem like he has any of those fake limbs like the girls. Might do well to have someone I can communicate nonverbally. Bubblegum manages to hack the systems in the house and said she put the security on loop or something. Max cut us a hole in the magic security and we busted into Marley’s house only to find out she was a victim of the surge. Poor Cher has been hiding herself away in the basement of this old manor, thinking the world her enemy. Felt sorry for her and that I could at least pay for the window I broke. She confirmed what I already suspected, Jet Black turned vampire but faked his death after realizing that people might notice his shiny new teeth and lake of aging. Hope this is the last we hear of that, this lady called him as soon as we left after our last visit and flat out told us she’d be calling him after this one. He doesn’t seem too friendly and his pals aren’t really a push over, maybe we can stay out of his path. I don’t really care about him, his music or his whole damn industry. Music ended after CCR and AC/DC for old Beauregard. Grandpere knew what real rock is and passed his bon taste on to me.


Mages and bullets and tasers, oh my!

New guy nearly bites the dust.

Loomis has the disc. Daddy gave it to him.

Once more into the nerdy, nerdy breach.

Unreleased JetBlack singles.

Double keys. Like the Bomb.

Carrion studios. Carry on, Devil Rats.

Delphia. Beetles. Triads.

What lies in the Shadows? Marli Bremerton.

Grave(yard) consequences.

Vampires. Robo-Dogs. Sorry-ass hackers.

JetBlack wants to suck your blood.

Beauregard's Personal Journal - Entry 2
The road to hell is paved with missed arrows

Maudit! I must be as mad as I’ve become loose with my training. Is it just my mind? Practice? Too many days of wine and no work, the edge has become dull and chipped. If I’m to keep a chance of not becoming the defan Beauregard Traveau then training has to rise to at least 2 hours daily. Will it be enough to keep my foot out of the grave? It’ll have to be, merde, 5 missed arrows on 8 shots. Grandpère would have my ear if his heart still beat.

We walked into the Cabo club slightly spaced but should have remembered that this place is usually empty on its best night. That move probably made us look even more suspicious meaning the best move might have been for me to go in on my own. Still, the orks only got riled on the mention of Loomis so maybe they’d have attacked either way. Vaulted off my stool at the first sign of a fight and flipped right onto one of their chests but not quite quick enough as his blade met mine. Caught me in the chest with his blade but didn’t get through the armor. Bubblegum caught a strike to her head and it seemed to have her fazed for most of the fight. Lynx even took heavy fire to the chest but she’s not going down that easy, could see she was excited to use her big gun. Library Jane became our shining star of the day. What I could tell while I was dealing with my hand she took out two orks and didn’t take much of a scratch for it. Glad I still managed to catch my ork in the throat after a failed attempt to kill him with my hands. Tied up the unconscious ork left by one of the ladies, missed who was responsible for him but Library decided to keep watch while I caught my breath and the other ladies checked out the back room.

Not much in the bar but Lynx and Bubblegum raised the alarm to some figures moving in the junkyard behind the Cado Club. They met Max outside, almost had a tussle before I could intervene. Thought he wasn’t even going to show up, said he’d been waiting outside for us. Cowan, not sure if he was giving me the truth but sometimes these sorcerer types make themselves useful in unexpected ways and I felt glad at the moment to have a more familiar face. All these untrained madams were making me bit nervous, especial after how that fight went.

Moved in on the junkyard quickly, spreading into two teams. The girls didn’t trust Max, the way he is so I don’t blame them, which was fine with me to have him back me up. How things turned out though, maybe we should have stuck together but maybe I should just land more arrows. Was a time I could hit a wowaron from 200 yards in the time it’d take a man to blink and now, 5 arrows singing through the air without a target in the world. Merde. Two of these plain clothed enforcers got the jump on us, also a mistake but not as grievous as the arrow I let fly after being told to leave. Had something to prove I guess, show the pretty ladies how well Beauregards arrows are in a fight compared to their fancy pistols. Broke loose a slice of hell is all it did, nearly sent Max into the brimstone and sulphur if it wasn’t for a last minute rescue from an angel. Max got off some impressive fireworks although only really managed to give his man a little bleue, was enough to get his armor off at least. After making it to the end of the lane I managed to get off a true Beauregard shot and caught the bastard who shot me in the throat but couldn’t get the other man before he filled Max with bullets, made a fine mess of his coat. Finally managed to get a successful hit deep in his left shoulder, probably got a little lung in the wound, but then Library swooped in, brandished her taser and to him down then sent the reaper back home for the day sans Max’s soul.

Heard the Bubblegum and Lynx had their hands full with some troublesome monsieurs including a magic using ork. Wanted to give them a hand but by the time the mess on my side had cleared they had given the mage a deal to walk and we all forgot each other. Doubt that last part is true on either side, still wanted to take his hide for all the grief these men gave us but he was gone before I could get around the corner. Turns out we’d been enough of a distraction that they hadn’t found Loomis. He slipped his unsightly derrière out from under the pile of junk near the crane. As soon as I saw that junk heap among the arranged rows I had a feeling it was worth checking out, glad my instincts aren’t totally lost. Turns out he’s a real bon rien, claims the disk was passed on by his père and it is all poor little Loomis has of him. Boy was scared pretty bad from the fight, only took a little leaning to get him to toss over the disk amiably. He still tried to get some payment but we didn’t almost die to pay off some nobody who hides in garbage. His sob story felt like lies to me even if the disk is old enough, if it means so much to him why sell it now? Claimed he didn’t even know what was on it and hadn’t made any copies. Doesn’t sound like a family heirloom to me, sounds like he stole it to me even if it was from his defan père. Truth or no, someone thinks it’s valuable enough to kill the pack of us just for it without asking questions. Never would have guessed this run would be such a mal de tête, thought it’d be a straightforward retrieval job.

Once we collected ourselves I got reminded why I asked Bubblegum to run with me, this computers business isn’t my best skill and she got the name of who sent our goon squad from a single sniff of an RFID tag. Turns out they’re working for ShangriLa productions, sounds like more music goons. Could turn out to be our Mr. Johnson, maybe he didn’t like our progress or maybe it could be a new crayfish in the gumbo but I’d like to know. Don’t need another bounty on my head, I’ve had my fill of those for this lifetime. Time for some rest, we all need to heal although my wounds are already closed and should be gone by the time I finish my bourbon. Left the disk with Bubblegum, maybe she can get more out of it or at least figure out how we can get at this data. Mr. Johnson told us no copies so we’re just going to take a peek to verify it. Besides, I’m feeling like we’re being sold up the creek I don’t take kindly to it.


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